Word count: 708After a long day of catching up with your…

Word count: 708

After a long day of catching up with your studies, the only thing you wanted to do afterwards was to spend some needed quality time with your boyfriend Changkyun. He had been in the studio all day and so you decided to surprise him there. On your way to the recording studio, you stopped by a store to purchase his favourite bubble tea and a box of donuts. When you arrived, the doorman gave you a friendly smile. He was already very familiar with you since you visited very often. 

“Kyun?” You found Changkyun hunched over the workstation, his headphones preventing him from hearing you calling out to him. You set your stuff down on a nearby table before approaching him slowly as to not startle him. His smile was exceedingly bright when he saw you. “Y/n! Hey!” He shouted. You then reached out and removed his headphones. “Oh sorry.” He said sheepishly, pulling you onto his lap immediately. “So what are you working on? Can I hear it?” You enquired. 

“Sure thing.” He placed a spare pair of headphones over your ears then pressed a couple of buttons on the mixing desk. The beat of the new song he was working on started playing and it made you bop your head along it. Afterwards, he slid the headphones off of you then asked for your opinion. “It sounds really good as always.” You told him truthfully before hopping off of his lap. He released a sigh of relief before following you to the table. “I got you your favourite bubble tea!” 

“Baby you’re the best! Thank you!” He kissed your cheek before grabbing a donut from the box. You took a sip from your drink as you watched him eat happily. “How long do you have to stay Kyun? I want to cuddle.” You mumbled, making your way back onto his lap. “An hour or two. I want to cuddle with you too y/n but I still have to finish a few things.” He almost pouted. “Its okay. I’ll wait for you! And I promise not to distract you so you’ll finish quicker!”

You got comfortable on the black leather sofa, eating donuts and sipping your bubble tea while Changkyun tended to his work. You watched in awe as he focused on his work that he was so passionate about. Half an hour later, he walked towards the sofa. You were laying down and playing with your phone. “You got a space for me?” He beamed. You sat up and smiled, patting the space next to you. “Not long to go I swear.” He kissed the top of your head. 

You assured him that you didn’t mind. Yawning, you leaned your head against his shoulder and you watched as he went through a lot of music sheets. You had no idea what he was doing and soon your eyes began growing heavy. You tried to fight back the tiredness caused by studying but it was no use. You soon fell asleep with your head on his shoulder and when Changkyun noticed this, he immediately moved you so you were laying your head on his lap instead. 

He then placed his jacket over you then started running his fingers through your hair while he read through his notes on the music sheets. When he finally finished, he simply watched you sleeping for a little while. “Y/n? I’m finished. We can go.” He stroked your cheek as he whispered in your ear. Your eyes fluttered open in panic and for a few seconds, you forgot where you were. 

“I fell asleep!” You gasped, sitting up and blinking rapidly. “There’s something about this room that makes everyone sleepy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep here too.” He chuckled, grabbing his jacket and putting it on. Placing an arm over your shoulder, you both left the building with smiles on your faces. You laced your fingers together and talked about your plans for the following day. “I can pick you up tomorrow and we can go watch a movie.” He suggested excitedly. 

“That sounds nice. I promise not to fall asleep in the cinema.” You giggled. 

“I’ll just wake you up with kisses.” Changkyun winked.