MinhyukIt’s a dinner date you have been waitin…


It’s a dinner date you have been waiting for- he told you that he has made reservations at your favourite fancy restaurant and after finding out about this, you wanted to make sure that you looked your best. “Y/n are you ready?” He peeks his head through the bedroom door where you were panicking and trying to find the perfect outfit. You tell him that you’re not sure what dress to wear so he’ll help you out happily. He will sit down on the edge of the bed while you try out different dresses for him. Once you’ve agreed on one, he gets up excitedly thinking that that was it. “Wait- what about shoes?!” You’ll remind him. He’ll shake his head with a smile before following you to choose which shoes to wear.


He would be waiting patiently in the living room for you while you finished off with your make-up. He would either be watching TV or playing with his phone while he wait. After fifteen or twenty minutes of waiting, he gets up and knocks on the bedroom door. “Is everything okay babe? Have you fallen asleep?” He calls out with a grin on his face. You open the door and you tell him that you had to start over because you screwed-up your eyeliner. He simply smiles and takes your hand sweetly. “You don’t need it anyway, you’re beautiful already without it!” He would tell you. 


Aware that you take a while to get ready, he decides to finish getting ready at your place too. He would bring over two shirts and he will ask you which one is better then he’ll ask you if he was wearing too much hair gel. Of course he would still be the one to finish getting ready first so he would grab himself a drink in the kitchen in the meantime. “Baby I don’t want to rush you but these tickets are for today and not for tomorrow…” He would roll his eyes while standing by the bedroom door. “Also, hair down and not up..” He would tell you with a wink. 


He would be a little impatient especially when the two of you were just going to the cinema. “Why can’t you just wear that?” He’d say and point. You’d then have to tell him that you were just wearing your nightgown. And when you start applying make-up, he’d whine. “It will be dark in the cinema babe, you don’t need make-up. You’ll just waste it! Remember how expensive your make-up is!” In order to stop him from complaining further, you decide to go bare-faced. 


Panicking a little, he would be pacing across the room and looking at the wall clock repeatedly. It was an important event the two of you were going to and he couldn’t be late to it. He would check on you over and over then when he sees you slip your shoes on, he’d sigh with relief. “I’ll wait for you in the car y/n.” He’d say after grabbing his car keys. Still nervous about arriving late, he keeps quiet during the drive but when you arrive at the venue, he’d look at you and apologise for rushing you. “You look beautiful.” He’d whisper before kissing you. 


He would be the type to watch you get ready. From the moment you step out of the shower and starts getting dressed, he would be there to watch you because he finds it amusing. “I love that lipstick color on you…” He would comment with a smirk while watching you put lipstick on. When you can’t decide on what shoes to wear even after he offered his suggestion, he would take matters in his own hands and pick up the shoes he suggested before grabbing carrying you over his shoulder. “Now let’s go and have this date shall we?” He would say as he carries you out of the apartment. 


You receive a text from him informing you that he is parked outside of your place already. You text him back saying that you’ll be out soon before you hurriedly put your shoes on. After grabbing your handbag, you looked around for your keys but you couldn’t find it. Meanwhile he’s waiting in his car quietly, tapping on the steering wheel as he listened to the radio. A few moments later, he looks at his watch and wonders where you are. Just as he was about to check on you, he sees you running towards his car. “Sorry I couldn’t find my keys!” You said breathlessly. “I thought you were ditching me!” He smiles then gives you a kiss.