Minhyuk“I bet that you’ll get married way befo…


“I bet that you’ll get married way before me!” He would say after giving you tissues so you could blow your nose. He would then proceed to tell you the best qualities about yourself and why you won’t be single for too long before he would joke that maybe you should start joining a dating app or two. 


He would immediately suggest getting ice cream or brownies because he knows that you will need some serious comfort food. “Is it your time of the month? Because you get really dramatic when it is…” He would chuckle before pulling you into a cuddle and telling you that everything will be okay.


He may heavily hint that he’s right there and available for you to date. Other than that, he will be there to be your shoulder to lean on. “No more crying- or i’ll definitely give you something to cry about!” He would say jokingly, pinching your cheeks when he sees you pouting at him. 


“Personally I would date you but you already said that you wouldn’t lay a single finger on me so…” He would tease you in an attempt to make you laugh. When you crack a smile, he’ll wipe your tears away and offer to buy you your favourite food or watch your favourite movie together.


At first he may want to tease you about being an ugly crier but when he realises how upset you are, he’ll bite his tongue. He will give you a big hug even though the two of you are not really affectionate to each other that much. “Aw don’t be upset anymore y/n. Your Mr. Right is just around the corner- I know it!” 


He will quickly lend you a handkerchief to wipe your tears away and with an arm around your shoulder, he’ll comfort you to the best of his abilities. “You’re so silly y/n, of course someone will want to date you! Come on let’s go for a drink and we’ll count how many guys will check you out.” 


He will be a complete gentleman about it; he will listen to you intently and let you cry until you feel better. Once you’re all cried out, he’ll take you to your favourite hang out place where he’ll cheer you up. “Y/n, believe me when I say that you won’t be alone forever. You’re beautiful and kind- you’re a catch!”