so guys… I met Monsta X!

I just arrived in L.A. for work when I saw the tweet of Shownu sunbathing by a pool. I recognised the pool straight away as the pool in the hotel I always stay at every time I’m here in L.A. To cut a long story short, I bumped into the members at different times in the lobby. I even ended up on the elevator with just Hyungwon & Shownu — a moment I will never forget! We chatted for a bit and i just gotta say that Hyungwon is absolutely stunning. Shownu is an absolute bear and I just wanted to hug him. Wonho.. well he was wearing a bright blue sleeveless shirt that showed off his arms. When I told him I was a monbebe he said thank you. I really found Kihyun intimidating so I didn’t approach or talk to him but he looked really good as always. Changkyun looked absolutely exhausted and I only just realised how broad his shoulders were! Jooheon gave me a sweet smile after I said hello and I finally saw those adorable dimples up close! Minhyuk was his bouncy self and I was freaking out too much for me to say anything to him.

All in all, I still can’t believe I met them and spoke to them. They looked tired and I really hope they will get the rest they all deserve.

Can I get a ship too? I’m a 5’4 c…

Can I get a ship too? I’m a 5’4 chubby biracial girl who is either shy/awkward, or I act like an outgoing bad bitch. I love to sing and make music. I love cats. And my greatest goal in life is to let people feel loved.

Hey~ the Monsta X member I ship you with is Wonho! ^^


monsta x and their shitty life hacks

Minhyuk: magnify your phone’s screen by putting it in a glass of water.

Wonho: use laptop chargers to heat snacks up.

Kihyun: release ants into your toaster to remove bread crumbs that accumulate at the bottom which can pose a fire hazard.

I.M: make homemade wet wipes by soaking toilet paper under warm water.

Jooheon: spray your headphones with some “Johnson’s No More Tangles” when they are tangled.

Hyungwon: keep cake moist by eating it all in one sitting.

Shownu: use the metal part of your seat belt to open beers while driving.

Hi can I get a ship I'm 5'3.5 with b…

Hi can I get a ship I'm 5'3.5 with blue eyes and blonde hair with glasses and I'm really shy at first and then I open up and I'm clingy and loving and I mostly love singing and dancing and reading books and I love cuddling and watching Disney movies. Some friends call me little one since I'm shorter than everyone and they always feel a need to protect me

Hey, the Monsta X member I ship you with is I.M.! ^^


[ADMIN SAYS]• first of all, the first 3 second…


• first of all, the first 3 seconds of the MV is already pure aesthetics
• all them shoulder actions though
• praises for the outfits, the hairstyles, eye make-ups, the choreography!!!!

• I’ve said this once, I’m going to say this again… Monsta X doesn’t have a bad song. (and i’m not just saying this because i’m a full time monbebe)
• excuse me, Hyungwon in a bathtub… again… 
• I heard I.M.’s “I am what I am man” again. life is good y’all. don’t forget that “tick tick toc toc” bit too 😉
• the beat drop at 2:31 though with JH & CK’s part i mean….

• also…. the most important part of the MV is at 2:40 hahahaha if you know you know 😀
• all in all, this is yet another monsta x bop and i’m confident to say that everyone in the fandom will love it. 
• stream it, like it and download it guys. ♡


Hello~ can I get a ship. I'm 5"6 kin…

Hello~ can I get a ship. I'm 5"6 kind of chubby with dark brown skin and almost black eyes. When you first meet me I'm an introvert and extremely quiet But as time goes on I start to open up and I get Super Hyper and you'll find out I'm a little crazy, very sarcastic, and slightly perverted. I can sleep about a day and a half if you let me and if I'm not sleeping then I'm dancing I also love hugging people and can be a little clingy at times and memes and Vines are my life

Hey, the Monsta X member I ship you with is Shownu! ^^